CONCEPT CAR: Audi prologue

CONCEPT: Audi prologue

We don’t talk often cars but when we do, be sure it’s a very interesting car! Audi give us their vision of the future, they called: PROLOGUE.

This futuristic car show up in the animation give us a glimpse of what could be the prologue or the A9 of the future, so it has a hybrid powertrain a 4.0 TFSI working together with an electric motor, this combination of System power has an output of 505 kW (677 hp) and a combined torque of both engines of 950 Nm (700.7 lb?ft), Audi prologue piloted driving to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.5 seconds. Its CO2 emissions are 185 g/km (297.7 g/mi).the prologue use an 8 speed automatic transmission.
Of course there is a lot of technology on it, like the laser scanner at the front, ultra-sonic sensors at the front and rear, and at the side too, we have radar sensor at the front and rear, and we found also the Matrix Laser headlights.
We put the animated video that explain in motion what we mention above.