KAWASAKI has finally unveiled his 2016 ZX10R, and don’t be frustrated by the look of the bike because it look pretty much the same as the outgoing model.

We already know that the aesthetic will not be changed pretty much, so now the front cowl have more volume than the previous generation, the rear tail is also wider, so it will be very interesting to see those changes once the ninja on the road, the big changes are behind the fairing, so now the engine is equipped with a new electronic aids package which feature the Inertial Measurement Unit or IMU, it include five axis measurements in the Bosch IMU and a sixth measurement using a Kawasaki program stored in the ECU, this new feature is surrounded with the already known electronics aids such traction control, launch control, engine power selection and high precision brake management, it is good to mention that the 2016 ZX10R  use a new crankshaft lighter by 20% compared to the previous generation ZX10R, and the ninja still have his 200Ps, and it is Euro 4 compliant.
In the dynamic way we have a new fork and rear shock, we don’t have much info about the chassis geometry and whether or not it’s a new one, the green guys choose to stop the bike with Brembo M50 Monobloc brake calipers, which has in our opinion of course the best stopping power/feel in the motorcycle industry.
The 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R will be available in showrooms at the start of 2016, as you can see we didn’t put a lot of specs and images, because this is just the world premiere.