How to ride your motorcycle in the winter

The winter is here and you are planning to winterize or hibernate your bike, but if you hate this period of the year when it’s always raining and the sky is grey, you should hibernate your bike and stuck in the traffic on your car! Really? Why most of the riders are afraid of winter? Why it’s natural for automobilist to take their car and drive through rain and cold wind, and when it comes to motorcycle, it’s like a risky move? If you like riding motorcycle we will give you some tips that will make your winter epic, just seat and read.

First thing you should consider before jumping on your bike is to have the proper winter gear, winter jacket, winter gloves, winter pants, and it proper boot, yes it’s those gear are expensive, but they will give you the necessary comfort and warm that you need during your trip, and if you are not so meticulous you can get all that stuff for around 600€.
The most adequate bike for winter will be a dual sport bike, but if you don’t have this type of bike, just make sure all the fluids are ok, if you don’t have engine and chassis protection, it’s time for you to make it happen, heated grips are a must have in the winter and a lot of manufacturer are including them in the recent bike, like the BMW S1000RR, the tires must be on the top of your priority, because they are the first source of the grip, so make sure they are if perfect shape, and don’t hesitate to put some fresh tires if you can, check your battery each night, because if you have an issue with your battery in a cold morning you can live at the garage, just make sure that your battery is charged (12v minimum).
We think the most common mistake of motorcycle riders is their mind set, just keep in mind that you’re in winter and the roads are wet, and dirty and visibility is diminished, cars are everywhere, and you must be prepare for anything, so the best way to be in good position if anything happen is to anticipate, just look far ahead, reduce your cruising speed, don’t rely on the brakes, instead use your engine brake, and last thing to consider is the stripe and paint in the road: cross walk, continuous line, roundabout, just be careful and try your best to not ride over those paint.
We thing those 3 things we mentioned above are the key to have fun on your bike during the winter, now it depend on your skill level, your bike, and the weather (it is more than risky if you try to ride in the snow or on a blizzard), it’s up to you now: hibernate your bike for winter, or not hibernate your bike in the winter and enjoy it and have a remarkable experience if your life.